martedì 13 settembre 2011

Kymco, Moto&scooter Thesis, IAAD

Our project regards the second brief provided by the company, the reinterpretation of the Kymco People S 125 Classic. Starting from the stylistic  indications given by the company (clean lines, recognizable style, modern classic, feminine), we have expanded our research for inspiration to certain objects of industrial design, Italian and not: the Radiocubo (simplicity), the Arco (purity) and Vassily chair (materials). From there we developed the style, coming to have a scooter visually divided into two parts: the part of the body-frame, embraces and "protects" the part of the seat-shield. This division is both optical and material, through the use of specific materials such as plastic and leather. The lighting, designed with LED-refraction technology, allows us to "play" with the lights, creating a characteristic and recognizable layout even at night. The cured finishes, attention to details (like the clutch bag), along with extensive customization options, help to create a fresh and feminine vehicle.

Ferrari step-one, Portfolio and sketches

Some pages from my portfolio

sketches about Ferrari